Solar Rooftop Grid-Tie Solutions

Solar Rooftop Grid Tie Power systems are designed to maximize savings to bi-monthly electricity bill of both residential and commercial buildings. Our system offers a very high return Of investment for consumers and could result in a payback period of upto under 5 years. A highly efficient advanced technology designed for Indian markets.  

Solar Rooftop - Battery Backed Systems

Rugged baseline systems designed for uncertainties and power cuts. Advanced technology which is custom designed for Indian market conditions focused on high ROI brings efficiency, utility and ease of use to all.A perfect solution for rural India helps households and commercial establishments access green electricity 24 hours a day.  

Solar Grid-Interactive Smart Power Systems

The most advanced product in market today, brings the best of Grid-tie savings and battery backed continuous power to the consumers. A solution for all, both rural and urban India, helps reduce cost of electricity and offers to bring continuous power availability at an affordable cost.  


Now cost of ownership is lower than ever. Cedesyn brings industry's best panels at a very affordable and lowest assured cost to customers. Lower cost of owner ship is also faster repayment of investments! standard panel sizes offering volume and optimal deployment coupled with refined procurement channels is what helps us offer better rates to our customers.

Full Control over usage cases

You can select how the power system should utilize power generated. Now dictate how much of battery you like to be charged or how much of power you like to use at home.

Maintenance Mode

Helps identify potential problems and request for help even before something trips and put you power less. Experience industry's most advanced preventive maintenance and self test mechanisms.

Plug and Play

Designed under the concept of string inverters, lets you add more power to your kitty without having to overhaul existing infrastructure and installations.

Status Indicators

Now get access to most recent and most accurate readings of various system parameters such as state of charge, battery capacity, solar generation capacity, current generation, current utilization etc.

Cedesyn Technologies Pvt Ltd is a product startup based in Kerala. We are a bunch of Engineers with product development, web and app development background and are driven by passion for product development and design. We believe in design for exact specific needs a market demands and are pained by our over reliance on legacy systems designed for "requirements that existed elsewhere at a different period of time" that rule current market. The Cedesyn smart solar inverter system is our first product and is aimed at the renewable energy segment especially rooftop solar power generation. The design of our product was completed and tested in-house and is a bottoms up re-engineered solution that caters to the exact needs and requirements of our local market.


Intelligent Sun Tracking

Cedesyn power systems incorporate intelligent sun tracking systems for solar panels. With intelligent sun tracking your power systems produce more power in the morning, evening or noon, irrespective of where the sun is.

Maximize Output and Capacity

Cedesyn power systems are designed for two key features, utility and efficiency. Cedesyn power inverter systems offers maximum utility that an inverter can offer and provides unmatched efficiency when calculating power generated as against investment made.

Zero Down Time

Now your cedesyn power system doesn't need grid to operate. Designed as a grid interactive inverter we get maximum output and utility. When there is no grid the inverter powers home and charges battery. When there is no grid and battery we still can power the home from solar panels.

Self Diagnosis

Your Cedesyn power inverter system comes equipped with the latest self diagnostic tools. If there is a problem, your Cedesyn power system identifies the issue through self diagnosis and reports the problem to our service desk. Often its our service personnel who tells the user that there is a problem that needs service.

Grid Interactive Power Generation

The latest and most advanced technology in solar power generation ensures maximum up time and power generation under most circumstances. The Cedesyn power inverters generates power and feeds the grid when there is grid and the inverter powers the home or charges battery where there is no grid.

Smart Metering

Now with our IOS and Android apps you can get to know every aspect of using and operating your Cedesyn solar power inverter system. You have details like the state of charge of battery, current and predicted usage, total and current value of power feed to the grid, total and current consumption of your home etc.