Product Development

Our founders started the organization with a goal to make available affordable hitech, product engineering services to all. True to the purpose, Cedesyn offers end-to-end product design services helping startups, SMEs, inventors and other companies translate ideas into innovative, feature rich products enabling lower costs/expenditure and quicker time to market.

Often projects considered under “Product development” category involves multiple disciplines of engineering. This may include enclosure design, PCB design, website design, web/cloud app development, IOS/android app development etc.


Our development process starts with ideation and concept design/definition. In this stage the idea is analysed, and a concept is prepared. This includes inputs from all applicable disciplines of engineering including feasibility report and technical architecture. The concept is further developed to create system architecture and further hardware design, industrial design, web and app wireframe design, Firmware/software development etc are implemented. The next stage is prototyping of board hardware (PCB) and enclosure. For those projects involving web/IOS/android apps this stage would be a demo of concept MVP implementation. After prototyping the product shall be meticulously tested and verified for Bugs and design issues after which the products are sent for compliance and environmental tests. Most products need custom certifications to be sold in different geographies, and this is one crucial design parameter that drives the design process.


After compliance and certification, the product is them manufactured in numbers. We also support during production of the product and ensure the it meets the requirements on product lifecycle.Some of the common products designed by Cedesyn are shared below.


Internet Of Things
Wearable Technologies
Home Automation
Multimedia & Infotainment
Industrial Automation

Cedesyn's electronic product design, development and prototyping service will enable you to transform your product idea from initial concept to a production-ready design. With our team's combined experience and a broad portfolio of leading-edge design tools, we can undertake your complete project or any part of it.