Product Development

Our organization was found with a goal to make available hi-tech, product engineering services to all. With our unique way of working, our organizational practices and the expertise of our engineers we are able to provide our customers with high value for the services hired from us.

Electronic Board Design (PCB Design)

Our hardware engineering practices can provide you with a full range of services including functional specifications, requirement documentation, schematics, layout, prototype development, testing and product sustenance.

Embedded System Design

Our embedded & application software practices have experience developing systems on custom made firmware and RTOS like Vxworks, Android, QNX, IRTON, OSE, pSOS, µClinux, RT Linux, Embedded Linux and Windows CE.

Mechanical Engineering Practices

Our mechanical design practices, take up complete mechanical engineering. We offer 3D modeling right from design, packaging, ergonomics, etc., to prototype development and manufacturing.

Android and IOS App Development

A native mobile app is a smartphone application that is coded in a specific programming language, such as objective C for IOS or java for android operating systems.

Website, Web app & Cloud App

A cloud application is what comes when the existing web evolves. The concept is entirely dependent on web application hence the need for the web apps before developing the cloud apps.

Manufacturing Services

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) are provided by companies that design, assemble, produce, and test electronic components and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assemblies for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).