Cloud Computing

Go online at lightning speed with Cedesyn's cloud computing services. Let Cedesyn accelerate your cloud success. " I don't need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster... carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison." ~ Steve Jobs.


What is cloud computing?


Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services-servers, storage, database, networking, software, analytics and more-over the internet ("the cloud"). Companies offering these computing services are called cloud providers and typically charge for cloud computing services based on usage, similar to how you are billed for water or electricity at home.
Cloud Computing, is not just an alternative delivery model or alternate way in which enterprises will buy IT services. It is a complete paradigm shift from the way, it is perceived by enterprises as well as service providers.


What Cedesyn offers?


Cloud computing services of Cedesyn provide a friendly, browser-based dashboard that makes it easier for IT professionals and developers to order resources and manage their accounts. Some cloud computing services are also designed to work REST APIs and a Command-Line Interface(CLI), giving developers multiple options. Customers can utilize Cedesyn's cloud computing services to simplify application utilization, store, share, protect content and enable access from any web-connected device.

Our customer aligned Next Generation Data Center services provide solutions by employing disruptive technology, flexible commercial models and global delivery models to add value to business, end users and IT. By employing these cloud services, businesses can build competency to provide DC, transition, migration, consulting and system integration operations services globally. This lays the path for futuristic and Hybrid cloud infrastructure. For end users, such cloud services ensure enhanced agility, thus, enabling the delivery of more automated and responsive business service. With strong automation and process frameworks, end users can be assured of proficient and verified reference architecture based cloud computing services and solutions.
Cedesyn's solutions help IT reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and enhance operational excellence. In a controlled infrastructure with defined software, service-based process integration can be ensured.

The solutions Cedesyn provides for 21st Century Enterprises adopting cloud services vast and varied. The range of offerings includes MCOD, RecoverNXT, BackupNXT, ROBOace, Cloud Assessment and Readiness Tool (CART), MyCloud, DRYiCETM and SDI Innovation Garage.

Cedesyn cloud consulting and implementation offerings help enterprises take their next leap towards finding innovative ways to strategize and optimize their business services/operations, information access, application development and find new venues of market expansion opportunities.

Cloud Computing Services offered by Cedesyn


  •      Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)
  •     Platform as a Service(PaaS)
  •     Software as a Service(SaaS)
  •     Business Process as a Service(BPaaS)
  •     Cloud strategy and consulting
  •     Cloud build deploy and integrate
  •     Cloud application services
  •     Cloud advisory &assessment
  •     Cloud Management services-monitor, maintain & manage     
  •     Cloud infrastructure services
  •     Cloud software service
  •     Web based cloud computing
  •     Cloud optimisation
  •     Utility services
  •     Managed services
  •     Service commerce