About us

Cedesyn Technologies Private Ltd is a professional engineering service & solutions company. We take pride in our contributions helping our customers develop and manufacture new and innovative products often creating a niche and space in an already crowded and competitive market.

The work we do often starts with ideation and concept development based on crude requirements that we receive from our customers and continues through development, manufacturing and the entire product lifecycle. Our customer is part of the team during the entire process and plays a crucial role in decision making. The apps, websites, firmware and software are developed concurrently and are tested and deployed rapidly. We have services of some of the best designers in industry helping us create the designs and user experience.

With more than ten years of experience in engineering services, we have been working with companies from cross-vertical domains to support them in their most complex and challenging engineering tasks while assisting them derive best returns on their investments. Leveraging on technology, unique skill set, expertise and our meticulous process, work planning and methodology we ensure an effective global delivery model for our engineering services projects.

If you are looking for affordable engineering services or innovations in industrial design, enclosure design, hardware product engineering, IOS and android app development, web development, web/cloud application development, software development, firmware driver development, PCB design, IOT and other connected devices etc click on the link towards top right side “How it Work’s” to discuss about your New idea/product.

Our Range of Products?


We help companies develop electronic products such as cameras, industrial automation, mobile phones, sensors, internet accessories, hand-held devices, wearable technology, IOT, motor drivers, embedded systems, industrial controls etc.We also help our customers develop websites, web apps, cloud apps, IOS and android apps, software’s, sirmware drivers, hardware boards, PCBAs, product design, industrial design etc.


Why Cedesyn?


If there is one thing we strive for, that would be customer satisfaction. As a guiding principle believes in establishing partnerships with our clients thus making them our partners in success and make every dealing with them a delightful experience. Contact us to understand how Cedesyn can bring a difference for good for your NPD or existing product line up.

     innovation, art and engineering excellence

A unique blend of innovation, art and engineering excellence is applied to create products and designs which are desirable, compliant, excellent user experience, manufacturable, durable, lasting and market worthy.

     Professional designs which are ready for market

Every product, software or app designed has a different set of requirements. The functional aspects of requirements are just a small part of it, as there are also other factors such as geography, compliances, cost, scale and efficiency that may affect the process and methodology adopted to design the product. Our engineers with years of industry experience can help you get just what you want and with all the right balances.

     Quicker time to market

With many years of experience, we have created tested and functional libraries for some part of development needs of product. These includes libraries for user interface, displays, keyboards, power supplies, tables, database, connectivity solutions etc. This gives us a head start in development and saves time and cost getting these implemented.

     Affordable development

We apply a barge of techniques to lower cost of development as well as manufactured product. These includes reusable libraries with proven and functional designs and code snippets, which reduces time to market and cost of development. Other factors include tight project management principles to effectively arrive at results right the first time.


To create, design and innovate products and to become an integral part of the major technological conglomerate all over the world.


Our vision is to make the world a better place by helping spread knowledge through technological innovation.

Kindly call us on +91 9562397385 or email us on sales@cedesyn.com to explore your ideas with us.